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Bed Bugs Bite!

Bed bugs bite… both literally and figuratively…

There’s been a rise in the calls of bed bug infestation in the last several years, and nobody really knows why. Since 2006, there have been 2270 reports of bed bugs just in the the Toronto region alone. That’s 2270 reports of infestations, not just one little bug… And that.. That is scary. So.. What can we do about it? Below are a couple ‘fun facts’ pertaining to bed bugs that may be helpful to you if you’re worried about their existence in either your home or a place of travel.

Common places bed bugs come from:

  • Luggage, Bags, and pillows
    • Bed bugs are known to travel home in luggage and bags after travelling.
    • As a rule of thumb, and although having your own pillow to sleep on may be a comfort to you as a traveller, do NOT bring your pillow with you.
  • Public Places
    • Movie theater seats, hospital beds, bus seats, train seats, offices… You name it. Bed bugs will make themselves a home wherever they see fit. Always check your surroundings if you are weary of a bed bug hot zone.
  • Hotels/Hostels/B&B’s
    • Bed bugs are travelers… They tend to exist mostly in high traffic travel destinations such as hotels and hostels. It is important to do a good room check before laying your head down to rest.

Common places bed bugs are found:

  • Mattresses (seams and creases), Box Springs, Headboards, Bed Frames.
  • Window Coverings. Check the seams and folds of curtains/drapes for any comfortable hiding places.
  • Pets! Bed begs, like fleas, latch onto your pets. Always check your pet beds, or places your furry friends tend to lay often.
  • Furniture – Dressers, side tables, and any furniture that has hollow legs

Professional Removal/Prevention:

  • Conventional applications of safe insecticides
  • Flush, spray, dust, and vacuum method
  • K-9 Scent Detection, more on this here:
  • Cryonite – Poison free freezing method
  • Thermal Treatments – Non-chemical, Non-toxic


If you are seeking a professional to assist in the removal of bed bugs, or for more prevention advice, please do not hesitate to give us a call!