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Raccoon Mating Season (Here’s What You Need to Know!)

With raccoon mating season underway, here are a few tips we should all be aware of that can help detect raccoons early as well as some key pointers for humane removal should you find yourself with any raccoon (and soon to be raccoon family) issue. Raccoon mating season starts in late winter, and litters are […]

How to Pinpoint Rodent Entry Points

Identifying a rodent entry point is simple! Follow air and heat movement through your home. In our opinion, this method is easier than looking for droppings, or nesting locations. Essentially, rodents love warmth and need heat to survive. The seek the warmest points of the home especially when the temperatures drop outside. Key things to […]

Winterize Your Home

A few tips on how to avoid an unwanted house guest this winter… Rake and pick up leaves! A pile of leaves is a warm and inviting place for pests, especially leaf piles that are close to your house. Ants, earwigs, rodents, and snakes have been known to make themselves comfortable under a nice “warm” […]

Wasps… Wasps… Wasps…

The hot summer months are a thing of beauty… BBQ’s, cold drinks, hot sun, tasty ice cream.. the list goes on… Unfortunately the warm months also bring on a somewhat regular annoyance of pests such as those of the wasp. Almost everyone will encounter a stinging insect at some point in their life, and for […]

Bed Bugs Bite!

Bed bugs bite… both literally and figuratively… There’s been a rise in the calls of bed bug infestation in the last several years, and nobody really knows why. Since 2006, there have been 2270 reports of bed bugs just in the the Toronto region alone. That’s 2270 reports of infestations, not just one little bug… And […]

When Wildlife Go Wild…

Spring is officially in full force! Tulips are up, trees are budding, and wildlife are making your home their own… Wait… What? That’s right folks, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, possums, you name it… With spring being the annual “baby booming” season, all wildlife are looking for their special place to nest/den. Because your home boasts quiet […]

Oh… Rats!

Spring has barely sprung, and we’re already fielding calls daily for rat issues and infestations… Rats can be a serious catastrophic problem. They are responsible for the transmission of many diseases, they destroy property, and their nesting can ruin the integrity of a building structure. Rats are nocturnal rodents, so seeing one in action may not always […]

Spring Cleaning – Tips from the experts!

With the warmer weather approaching quickly, homeowners are starting to come out of hiding and getting to work on their spring projects including the dreaded “spring cleaning”. When you, as a home owner, start to tackle your your spring cleaning list, keep in mind there are efforts you can make to reduce the chances of both rodent and […]

Raccoon Nesting Season – What to look for?

Raccoon nesting season peaks in the spring, with a peak time for birth in March. So what does that mean as a homeowner? Well, let me first talk to you about nesting activity… Raccoons aren’t picky with the nesting materials they use. They will commonly use long grasses and hay but are also known to […]