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BED BUGS | K9 Scent Detection

Over the last couple of years, many Public Health offices in the GTA and surrounding regions have received an increase in telephone calls about bed bugs. Contrary to belief, it is possible for anyone to become infested with bed bugs. Bed bugs, simply put, are small biting insects that multiply quickly and travel easily. Those who find themselves with an infestation can experience anxiety, fear and hopelessness.

We can introduce you to “Foxy,” a successful bed bug detection dog. This super-sniffing fox hound is able to detect bed bugs in your home. Canines offer a greater accuracy rate of 97%, over the human eye of 30%. Foxy can can generate quicker and more accurate results, which lead to lower remediation costs for homeowners and insurers. With over 800 hours of extensive training and with her sense of smell that is up to 10,000 times greater than that of a human (the average dog has 200 to 250 million scent receptors in its nose compared to a human’s 5 million), she is able to detect not only bed bugs, but their eggs as well.  In rigorous scientific tests conducted by entomologists at the University of Florida in Gainesville, properly trained dogs had a consistent 98% accuracy rate in detecting the presence of live bed bugs and their eggs in various environments.