April 07 2017 0Comment

Oh… Rats!

Spring has barely sprung, and we’re already fielding calls daily for rat issues and infestations…

Rats can be a serious catastrophic problem. They are responsible for the transmission of many diseases, they destroy property, and their nesting can ruin the integrity of a building structure.

Rats are nocturnal rodents, so seeing one in action may not always be the telltale sign that you have a problem… That said, rats sleep in small, tight spaces so if you do happen to see one out wandering it is likely that your problem may actually be a full infestation. We find that homes in and around construction zones tend to be great candidates for a rat takeover, as well as aging homes with lots of cool, damp and dark places to hide. Either way, new or old homes, rats don’t discriminate… Home sweet home could be anywhere!

If you do not see any rats but see or hear signs of their habitation such as droppings, dirt or grease marks along the walls/floorboards, or perhaps you can hear the scratching of a small rodent within the walls or attic, then it would be a good idea to give us a call!

Given the danger of handling rats due to their nasty bite and the fact that they may be disease ridden, it’d be best to let an expert help you with removal.

Home prices are high, and rats are looking to move in with you! Call us before they decide your home is a keeper.