April 25 2017 0Comment

When Wildlife Go Wild…

Spring is officially in full force! Tulips are up, trees are budding, and wildlife are making your home their own… Wait… What?

That’s right folks, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, possums, you name it… With spring being the annual “baby booming” season, all wildlife are looking for their special place to nest/den. Because your home boasts quiet tranquility, shelter, and warmth, it poses as the perfect living space for these critters.

It’s time to “wild-proof” your home! So what does that mean? Here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Fix your roof! Raccoons and squirrels love easy access, and both have no problem finding that access even at heights. Trim back tree limbs and climbing vines to help deter any wildlife from making their way up and into your home. Also, if you’re able, take a walk on your room and assess your shingle damage. Soft wood and peeled shingles are no match for the sharp claws and persistence of a wild critter who wants inside!
  2. Check the vents! Laundry  vents are typically not made with the best tamper resistance from wildlife. Squirrels are renowned for making their way into the home by using the laundry vent as it’s warm, and just the right size for a squirrel door! Any big box store will sell a ‘heavy duty’ wildlife resistant vent cover for very little cost. It’s best to replace this now than to have to deal with the nested pest after they’ve made a home in your vent. (*Side note, this goes for chimney and stove vents as well.)
  3. Yard Clean-Up! I mean, everyone loves a good spring cleaning anyway, but in the case of wildlife, it’d be in your best interest to do a thorough clean up throughout your entire property. Remove any sitting piles of brush and/or garbage that’s accumulated over the winter. This “clean-up” should also be done in the garage and/or shed as well. As mentioned before in previous posts, damp clutter is just a screaming opportunity for a squirrel or mouse looking to nest.

These 3 steps will take your wildlife prevention a long way! That said, if you’re worried you may be too late and there may be a critter hiding somewhere in your home, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Wildlife, especially raccoons and squirrels can be very aggressive and dangerous for various reasons so it’d be best to leave the removal process up to a professional! Our trusted wildlife removal process is both humane and sanitary. We pride ourselves on being gentle and patient with the animals during the process of removal.